DescriptionCounty and YearLink
John AlcornJessamine, KY 1930Link
William AlcornJessamine, KY 1910Link
Abner Boone Bradley, Jr.Carroll, KY 1920Link
Abner Boone Bradley, Jr.Carroll, KY 1930Link
Blanton T. BradleyCarroll, KY 1920Link
Blanton T. BradleyCarroll, KY 1930Link
Claud BradleyCarroll, KY 1920Link
Claud BradeyCarroll, KY 1930Link
Milton CaldwellGrant, KY 1860Link
David RodgersKenton, KY 1900Link
David RodgersKenton, KY 1910Link
Fannie CrowEstill, KY 1920Link
Fannie DunnAnderson, KY 1920Link
Henry CormanJessamine, KY 1880Link
James SwangoLawrence, IN 1880Link
Samuel HicksOwen, KY 1880Link
Samuel HicksOwen, KY 1900Link
Tillie RodgersKenton, KY 1910Link
William CormanJessamine, KY 1880Link
William JettKenton, KY 1900Link
William Hicks, Jr.Gallatin, KY 1850Link
William Hicks, Jr.Gallatin, KY 1860Link
William HicksKenton, KY 1910Link
Joseph B. RobertsGallatin, KY 1930Link
Samuel HicksBoone, KY 1920Link
Abraham SwangoGreene, IN 1880Link
Jacob SwangoGallatin, KY 1880Link
James SwangoDearborn, IN 1870Link
James SwangoLawrence, IN  1900Link
John SwangoDearborn, IN 1880Link
Moses SwangoDearborn, IN 1800Link
Abstracts of Kentucky Hicks Census RecordsKentucky - Various YearsLink
Hicks and Bishop Families Carroll, KY  1900Link
Benjamin F RobertsCarroll, KY, 1900Link
Joseph Boone RobertsCarroll, KY, 1940Link
Tolliver Craig RobertsKenton, KY, 1940Link